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Unknown Orbit Aimlessly rocketing through space sounds like one of the most terrifying scenarios possible, right? If you’re a lightweight comet, however, it’s one of the most peaceful experiences imagined. Hyperfocal Designs’ gives you control of a comet orbiting a series of small planets. The aim is to time your landings on each planet’s surface, holding one finger on the touchscreen as you rocket down a mountain slope, and letting go as you launch from any available incline. It’s like Tiny Wings on a 3D plane.

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Don’t see many soundtracks to iOS games on Bandcamp, but it’s rare to have an iOS game with a soundtrack by Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae. 

The Rainblocks OST is on Bandcamp now, produced by our friends at Brave Wave, and you should go check it out! All the tracks are available for preview, and you can pay whatever for the album anyway. 

Oh, and check the game out! It’s a really simple puzzler that gets very difficult very quickly, and somewhat redeems the awfulness of slide puzzles by adapting them into something not awful. 

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